The history of Nikwax dates back to 1977 when Nick Brown first produced his innovative new wax in his North London flat. Inspired by his hobby of trekking in the Peaks with his father, Nick was looking for a waterproofing product that could help to make his treks more enjoyable. Nick wanted a wax that could help him better preserve his boots without softening them or causing them to lose their essential supportive features. After some experimentation, he came up with “Nick’s Wax” and a new product name and company were born!

Originally made with some materials purchased from a local hardware store, a primus stove, a jug and a discarded tea urn, Nikwax was initially sold to the outdoor trade directly from his van. Before long, Nick had a permanent location for his business and was selling his product in eight different countries. Eventually, his specialized wax became the standard for a new type of aftercare products.

Today, Nickwax offers a full range of products designed to help protect boots, gloves, ropes and tents made from a variety of different materials and in need of waterproofing. Some of these products include items meant for waterproofing, conditioning, cleaning, odor control, UV protection or a combination of one or more of these things.