Nunn Finer

Established in 1993, Nunn Finer was founded with the goal of making racing equipment for the American Thoroughbred racing industry. As other disciplines recognized the superior quality and fine craftsmanship of the company’s products, however, it didn’t take long before it had expanded to offer products for other disciplines as well. Today, the company manufacturers more than 25 different bridles, most of which are made from the finest Italian leather.

While remaining committed to quality, Nunn Finer has also placed an emphasis on keeping costs reasonable for the consumer. President of Nunn Finer, John Nunn, was inspired to keep prices down after seeing the high cost of bridles in the industry. With his company, the goal is to keep costs down while also always including reins to go with the bridle. In this way, the company hopes to help to improve the life of all horse people, whether professional or amateur.

In addition to offering a variety of bridles within its products line, Nunn Finer also offers matching breastplates, martingales and stirrup leathers as well as equine boots designed for both day-to-day training as well as competition. The company is also the largest supplier of studs and caulks in the United States and is the only manufacturer of the innovative self-cleaning stud.

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