One K Helmets


Designed with safety and comfort in mind, One K Helmets are composed of a EPS liner surrounded by a Polycarbonate and advance ABS composite injection molded outer shell. While the shell helps to protect from impact, the liner helps to absorb shock from any impact that occurs, making the high-quality helmets perfect for impact absorption.

In addition to the great deal of thought and purpose that was put into the design of each model available through One K Helmets, each product also undergoes three stringent tests to ensure the highest degree of safety. These tests go above and beyond what is required by industry standards and guidelines. The first of these tests is the impact test, which simulates a rider falling on his or her head. The next is the self-distortion test, which measures the helmet’s ability to resist distortion by simulating squashing of the helmet. The third is a penetration test to measure the resistance of the ventilation areas when penetrated by a pointed object.

Each helmet within the One K Helmet’s line of products is also designed with comfort in mine. As such, you will find features such as a padded harness with synthetic suede lining as well as hook and loop adjustment and a fast-tex buckle. The removable liner is also made of a washable quick-dry, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabric, making it quick and easy to clean and maintain a high level of hygiene.