Established in 1983, Outback Trading Company was created after founder Wilson King traveled to Japan as a 17-year-old competitor in the Inter-Pacific Pony Club Nationals. A native of Pennsylvania farm country, Wilson discovered a passion for travel from the trip that resulted in a year-long trek around the world. After some misadventures and many lessons learned, Wilson returned to the United States in 1978. It was later during a fateful horseback ride in which he was caught in a downpour that Wilson realized his true calling – Outback Trading.

While enjoying his rainy ride on horseback, Wilson realized that he was protected by the oilskin duster that he used to wear while riding motorcycles. It was then that he decided that the same type of protection should be translated over to the horse industry. The business started off small with a simple duster, but has since grown to offer a much fuller line of products.

At Outback Trading Company, the Oilskin Duster remains the top seller, but the company is also dedicated to offering many styles of unique products to meet the varied needs of horse riders around the world. As such, the company has gone on to produce line after line of attractive and functional garments and outwear, including coats, jackets, vests, shirts, tops, hats and bags.