Paul Taylor Saddles

Located in Pilot Point, Texas and boasting a proud history that dates back to 1957, Paul Taylor Saddles was started by a livestock auctioneer from Irving, Texas who began by selling merchandise from his cargo trailer while on his way to actions. This humble auctioneer, Paul Taylor himself, finally purchased his dream Pilot Point property in the 1980s, ultimately opening Paul Taylor Saddle Company in 1985. Over time, that one store grew to become one of the largest family-owned retail tack stores with more than 700 accounts throughout the world.

Today, Paul Taylor Saddles is a name that is recognized by horse enthusiasts around the world. Offering 1,200 saddles and a wide variety of other horse supplies, such as saddle pads, reins and stirrups, the company caters to everyone ranging from professional horsemen to first-time horse owners. Saddle offerings include barrel, cutting, reining, roping, charro, training saddles and more.

With something for everyone, Paul Taylor Saddles offer one-stop shopping to meet all of your horse and tackle needs. Saddles, cinches, spurs, trail riding gear, halters, supplements , fly spray, grooming supplies and horse treats can be purchased from this all-inclusive company, as well as boots, jewelry and gifts for yourself.