Reinsman Camarillo Sure Fit Otho Pad
The improved Sure Fit Orthopedic Pro saddle pad allows an adjustable shim position to fill in any hollow areas behind the horseš¬™s scapula. The free shoulder design allows freedom of movement for comfort and length of stride. Along with a...
Reinsman Performance Turquoise Diamond Felt Pad
These performance pads are designed with 100% pressed wool for superior shock absorption and moisture-wicking. Designed with competitors in mind, this pad comes in multiple shapes with a contoured spine and wither relief cut out to support comfortable movement no...
Reinsman Woven Top Apex Wool Pad Contoured 31" X 32" X 3/4"
*Woven top with brown crazy horse wear leathers for added durability.                              *100% Apex wool bottom for a natural fiber that wicks moisture keeping your horse cool. ...
Reinsman Tacky Woven Contour 31" X 32" X 1"
You'll love riding this 100% wool RANAHAN Blanket Top pad because it's eye-catching and provides superior back protection for your horse. Inside, your horse's back is protected by 1" thick stuffing felt that is shock-absorbing, cushioning, and moisture-wicking. The soft,...
Reinsman Contour Wool Felt Pad
This wool contour pad is made with dark brown wool felt. Wool provides excellent shock protection. It will naturally wick away more moisture, release heat build up, breathe for a cooler ride, and is quick drying after use. The wool conforms to the...
Reinsman D & L 3 Piece Copper Dogbone Reiner
Traditional D & L shank with a new twist. Twisted copper accent all along the cheek for added style. This 3-piece mount with french link middle has copper wrapping for additional flavor and keeps the horseš¬™s mouth moist. Copper is...
Reinsman Flat Leather Hackamore
An improved version of one of the most popular mechanical hackamores ever made. The flat leather nose is excellent for horses that have natural rate and need only to be "keyed" to stay in tune with the rider. Also a...
Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Twisted Wire Dogbone Tender Touch
The shorter shank and slight gag make this Tender Touch bit perfect as a transition or intermediary bit. It can also be used in competitive events providing the horse is balanced and responsive to the riders cues. Adjust to a neutral position...
Reinsman Rockin' S Smooth Sweet Iron Snaffle
This bit was designed to decrease the discomfort at the corners of the horse's mouth.  Will not pinch.  The extra 3" rings at each end of the mouthpiece float independently to disperse the pressure across the lip and cheek making...
Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Lifesaver Tender Touch
Great for introducing the indirect control of leverage from the shank and pressure from the curb chain. Works off tongue, lips and bar pressure. Adjust headstall up to one wrinkle and loosen curb to three to four fingers to allow...
Reinsman Little "S" Flat Double Buckle Leather Hackamore
This is truly a versatile little bit. While this bit is not for every horse it has found its place with breaking colts, pleasure riding, trail, and mules. This bit is perfect well-broken horses, where too much bit is the...
Reinsman D & L Smooth Mouth Reiner
Shank has wonderful balance. The short purchase coupled with a short shank give it medium control. The smooth snaffle adds a little more bite, and sweet iron mouth creates a moist, soft mouth for better feel and control. Mullen relief mouthpiece creates even pressure...
Reinsman Mike Beers High Port Chain Mouth
The stainless steel cheeks were designed with excellent balance and leverage for serious competition. This mouthpiece has lots of tongue relief and good bar pressure for control. Great for horses that try to run into your hand against the bit.
Reinsman Colt Loose Jaw Mullen Mouth Curb
One of the best choices for colts when leaving a ring snaffle.  Low leverage cheek and a very mild mouthpiece allowing the rider to pull young colts around while adding a small amount of curb pressure.  5" Cheeks and 5/8"...
Reinsman Argentine Smooth Snaffle
Great shank for transitioning from a ring snaffle and introducing curb pressure. Low leverage, but adds some curb pressure for more control. Packs easily with our most popular snaffle mouthpiece. Sweet iron naturally rusts into a light patina. The rust creates a sweet taste for...
Reinsman Gentle Guide Copper Snaffle
4 1/2'' Cheeks and 3/8'' Smooth Copper Snaffle   A great starter bit or transition bit. The unique cheeks offer similar advantages to a full cheek snaffle. The wider cheek disperses pressure across the horses face to encourage turns and...
Reinsman Herman Oak Harnes Slide Ear Headstall Snap Ends-5/8"
For riders who need to quickly switch between horses, this is the perfect headstall. Snap ends are quick and easy to use to change your bit, and buckles adjust quickly and easily. Hermann Oak construction is durable and strong, with...
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