Royal Highness Equestrian

With the goal to provide quality equestrian apparel at excellent prices, Royal Highness Equestrian offers a wide variety of equestrian-related clothing products for men, women and children as well as saddles and bridles for your horse. As riders themselves, the owners of this company know just what is needed to help make your time with your horse more enjoyable and comfortable. As such, they have carefully selected their products to ensure they meet all of your needs without exceeding your budget.

At Royal Highness Equestrian, the objective is to provide the same quality that you would expect from the big brands without the inflated price tag. As such, they strive to offer the same quality materials and workmanship while keeping the cost more affordable. In addition clothing items, this same philosophy extends to the saddles, bridles, stirrups, saddle pads and other items available for riding your horse.

Offering both English and Western style products, Royal Highness Equestrian offers breeches, shirts, show coats and vests, half chaps, riding boots, belts, stock ties and pins, and socks and accessories for women. For men, the company offers breeches, show shirts and socks and accessories, while children’s products include breeches, show shirts, show coats, half chaps, riding boots and socks and accessories.