Tough-1 Heavy Denier Nylon Saddle Cover
A full sized saddle cover designed to fit completely over western saddles to keep dust and light from damaging your valuable saddle. Made of strong nylon featuring elastic straps in skirt corners and fenders to secure the cover to the...
Weaver Leather Nylon/Poly Single Ply Off Billets
1 3/4" X 39" Solid Nylon With Latigo Ties. 1 3/4" X 39" Patterned Poly With Latigo Ties.
$8.79 $8.95
Doubled and Stitched Nylon Off Billet, 1-3/4" x 39"
This durable, doubled and stitched off billet is constructed from top quality nylon. Features a three hole tie with a burgundy latigo leather tie. Measures 1-3/4" x 39".
Weaver Leather Latigo Tie Strap
Made from rich latigo leather, this latigo features brown latigo leather ties and holes. Measures 1.5" x 72" or 1 3/4" x 84"
$34.29 $31.95
Weaver Leather Latigo Saddle Strings
This saddle string is cut from top grade burgundy latigo leather for strength and pliability. Priced per string.
EASY-CHANGE Gullet System - Individual Gullet
Medium Wide and Extra Wide sizes are available in our retail store in Tumwater, WA. All other ship directly from the manufacturer. An individual EASY-CHANGE® Gullet for use in saddles featuring the EASY-CHANGE®  Gullet System. The EASY-CHANGE® Gullet System is exclusive to Bates...
$38.99 $34.99
Weaver Leather Latigo Ties
This saddle string is cut from top grade brown latigo leather for strength and flexibility. Measures 5/16" x 12". 
$0.89 $0.75
Korsteel Knife Edge Stirrup Pads
Stirrup treads designed to fit inside knife edge stirrup irons.
$9.15 $8.99
Wintec Slimline Stirrup Straps
Wintec Slimline Stirrup Straps provide superior comfort and optimum performance, by reducing the bulk under the your leg, and minimising interference.
$47.99 $42.99
Centaur Fillis English Irons
The Centaur Traditional Fillis Stirrup Irons deliver the ultimate in durability and comfort in a classic style to perfectly accompany any English saddle. Solid stainless steel construction guarantees a lifetime of rust-free dependability while durable rubber tread pads provide comfort and stability...
Tory Leather Stirrup Leathers
Tory Leather 1" Stirrup LeathersTory Leather uses only the highest quality leather to make all their products. Made in the USA, by expert craftsmen.Colors: black, havana, oakbark
$89.49 $82.95
Weaver Straight Stirrup Hobbles
 They are leather straps that hold western fenders, stirrups and stirrup leathers together. Also known as Stirrup Keeper Straps or Fender Hobbles Sold by the pair. Feature nickel plated hardware. Measure 5/8" wide with a 1-1/4" flare
Centaur H2O All-Purpose Saddle Cover
420 denier saddle cover is waterproof and breathable, lined with fleece to reduce scratches, and fits all sizes of close contact and all-purpose saddles.
Wintec Webbers
$47.99 $42.99
Wintec Webbers
Wintec Webbers are a revolutionary stirrup strap made without buckles to reduce the lump under the your thigh and provide closer contact to your horse. They feature a webbing core for increased strength.
$47.99 $42.99
Centaur Stainless Steel Fillis Peacock Irons
Safety stirrups are a must for young riders. Theses Fillis Peacock stirrups are weighted so that they stay more still, especially if you lose a stirrup. They're made from heavy stainless steel and include white stirrup pads, peacock leathers and...
Tory Leather Rolled Hand Hold Strap
TORY LEATHER Rolled Hand Hold Strap. From the original Tory Leather - MADE IN USA
$42.49 $39.95
Tucker Straight Stirrup Hobbles
Replacement stirrup hobble straps for Tucker Western fenders. Sold as a pair.
Centaur Fillis Stirrup Pads
Fits all Fillis style irons and provide a secure and comfortable footing. Order by the size of your irons. Sold in Pairs Black or White 4 1/2", 4 3/4" or 5"
Bates Stirrup Leathers
$149.99 $134.99
Bates Stirrup Leathers
Bates Stirrup Leathers are elegant, high quality leathers, made in luxurious Bates leather. The riveted buckle design reduces the thickness of the leather under the riders leg and the webbing core ensures that the leathers will not stretch and cause...
$149.99 $134.99
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