With a name that has long been associated with outstanding performance in equestrian sport, Schockemoehle Sports USA was started with a vision to set a new standard in the sport. As such, the company set out to develop well-engineered, high-quality products that also place an importance on aesthetics and current fashion trends.

Thanks to its strong team and clear strategy toward creating new products, Schockemoehle Sports USA identifies and creates trends while also building on its own strengths. As a result of these commitments, the company has successfully expanded its products to all seven continents, making it a truly well-established international provider of equestrian equipment.

Schockemoehle Sports USA offers a full range of products for the rider as well as for the horse. For the rider, these include breeches, show shirts, jackets, vests, shirts and other accessories. For the horse, products include bridles, reins, saddle pads, fly veils, halters, lead ropes, rugs, leg protection, breastplates, martingales, girths and stirrup leathers. All leather items offered by the company are made with vegetable tanned leather, which has less of an environmental impact during the manufacturing process while also significantly reducing groundwater contamination. Using vegetable tanned leather also helps to prevent allergic skin reactions for humans as well as for the horse.