Sleazy Sleepwear

Started in 1986 at a Quarter Horse ranch in Hood River, Oregon, Sleazy Sleepwear was inspired by a desire to offer a hood to serve as a grooming aid. With the help of the patented stretch hoods during the day coupled with an undergarment for heavier hoods at night, it was possible to prevent the growth of coarse winter hair. Unlike the bulky and coarse varieties already on the market, these new hoods looked far more stylish. Demand grew steadily after the hoods were introduced to the market and Sleazy Sleepwear soon became the most recognized stretch garment for horses in the industry.

Six years after the company was founded, it was purchased by Windhorse, Inc. Since then, the company has continued to expand and further improve upon its product selection. In addition to its extensive line of products for horses, the company also offers a line known as Windhorse Dog Coats as well as Dazzle Tees for pampered pets. Nonetheless, the horse accessories – particularly the patented stretch hood – will always be the product for which the company is best known.

As the original manufacturer of premium stretch horse hoods and accessories, Sleazy Sleepwear offers an unmatched selection of solid colors along with colorful prints. In addition to the extensive line of horse hoods available through the company, it also products items such as stretch sheets, shoulder guards, tail bags and full body Sleazies. Regardless of the product that you purchase from the company, you can be sure it will be fun and functional while also having a great impact.