Tech Stirrups Venice Plus Evo Stirrup
Venice Plus Evo Safety stirrups - The widest opening on the market. Shock Absorbing - Equipped with 4 shock absorbers positioned at the 4 corners of the bench that respond to foot pressure. This system helps reduce ankles and knees fatigue. Sloped...
Tech Stirrups Venice Dressage Sloped Stirrup
Venice Dressage Sloped Safety stirrups The widest opening on the market.  Sloped Pad Inclined to help keep your heels down. Size - Recommended for those wearing a boot size EU 38 (UK 5 - US 7) or larger. Size guide Different...
Circle Y Varnished Wood Stirrup
Are you looking to upgrade your saddle with an elegant addition? Western Wood Stirrups have you covered! These laminated wood stirrups combine natural wood grain with unbeatable reliability. These stirrups are perfect for any rider. Enjoy natural shock absorption and...
Pessoa Childs Biothane Lined Leathers with Clasp End
Glove soft buffalo leather stitched over a Biothane® core with clasp end. Improved curved buckle design for less bulk under the rider’s leg. Punched in with half inch holes. Color: Oakbark Width: 3/4" Length: 48" Covered Leather 48" Clasp End...
Pessoa Biothane Lined Leathers with Clasp End
Glove soft buffalo leather stitched over a Biothane® core with clasp end. Improved curved buckle design for less bulk under the rider’s leg. Punched in with half inch holes. Color: Dark Brown Width: 1" Length: 54" Covered Leather 54" Clasp...
Nettles Stirrups The Barrel Racer Gripper
Our Nettles Barrel Racing Stirrup will make the perfect companion to your saddle. Besides being as comfortable as your favorite pair of boots, the stirrup’s wide middle and cut away sides gives that racer excellent in and out access. A...
Nettles "Chisholms" Unfinished Stirrup
Meet The Chisholms, the best-looking, best-riding, best-built economy stirrup on the market. A sidekick to the Nettles Stirrups Premier Line, it too was designed by cutting horse Hall of Fame trainer and problem-solving guru Ronnie Nettles. Made of five oak...
Open Range Wood Visalia Stirrup
Open  Range 2-1/4″ Wooden Visalia Stirrups • Dark Stain • Open neck • Leather wrapped with tassel • Inner height 5-1/4″ x inner width 5-3/4″ • Outer height 8.5″ •  depth • Roller 3″ width • Sold in pairs 2 1/4"...
Waldhausen Safety Clip Stirrup Safeguard
The new Walhausen stirrup safety device - if the rider"s foot becomes wedged in the stirrup, the rider will separate from the horse in the event of a fall. If the stirrup reaches a certain angle in the safety clip,...
Centaur Fillis Stirrup Pads
Fits all Fillis style irons and provide a secure and comfortable footing. Order by the size of your irons. Sold in Pairs Black or White 4 1/2", 4 3/4" or 5"
Free Jump Stirrup Leathers Classic Wide
CLASSIC WIDE LEATHERS35MM WIDTH FOR A SUPERIOR COMFORT USE Stirrup leathers have been narrowed over the years to the detriment of the riders’ comfort. freejump was already a trailblazer with the wider PRO GRIP leathers, we innovate again with the new Classic wide stirrup leathers...
Free Jump Classic Soft'Up Stirrups Two Tone
Soft’Up Classic Silver/Black Premium Edition color.  Perfect for Jumping, Dressage, Eventing or Hunter.
Free Jump Classic Soft'Up Stirrups One Tone
Back to basics with the One Tone  from the range of Soft’Up Classic stirrups. This monochrome stirrups in total black will rejoice riders looking for more classical color choice.
Free Jump Stirrups - Soft’Up Pro Plus
Our research and development on the SOFT’UP CLASSIC stirrups led us to validate the choice of an enlarged platform with rounded corners to improve the comfort. We are bringing this latest improvement to
the SOFT’UP PRO : the SOFT’UP PRO+ features...
Professionals Choice Stirrup Hobble Strap
5/8" straps with center bar buckle. Sold in pairs. Available in Dark Oil
Partrade Aluminum Deep Angled Roping Stirrups
Metalab Slanted Roper's Stirrup Deep Angled Leather Laced Foot Pad 2-3/4in Bottom Depth (With Leather Foot Pad) 330463  These Metalab deep angled roper stirrups are constructed of aluminum and feature a leather laced foot pad with a 3 to 4...
Tucker ErgoBalance Trail Guide Stirrups
Tucker created the ErgoBalance™ stirrup design to add even more comfort features to your saddle. What makes these stirrups so great is the angled cone which helps keep a rider balanced in the saddle, keeping the foot flat which decreases...
WWB Flat Bottom Oxbow Stirrup RWHD
A Wild West Braiding item. These comfortable rawhide covered over metal stirrup with leather under woven. Available in both a standard and oversize fit.
Circle Y Stirrups Leather Laced Bell
Leather covered and laced with latigo                                                                     ...
Equi-Sky 3" Aluminum Slanted Wide Tread Stirrups
Wide leather wrapped tread with rubber pads. Inner Height 5" X  Inner Width 5.25" Outer Height 7.25" Bottom 3.25" Depth Roller 3" Width  Sold In Pairs 
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