Flair Equine Nasal Strips
Your horse can only breathe through its nose, so when the soft outer nasal passage tissue collapses during strenuous exercise, your horse can’t get the oxygen it needs without expending additional energy.Flair Equine Nasal Strips gently support nasal passages, the...
Pomms Premium Equine Earplugs
Premium Equine Earplugs are designed to allow your horse and pony to hear normal tones, while greatly reducing distracting or loud noises. POMMS® & PONY POMMS® “comfort plus” design protects your horse’s and pony's sensitive ears from wind, water and...
Pomms Premium Smooth Equine Earplugs
We stock many of these sizes in our store in Tumwater, WA. This product may ship directly from the manufacturer. Premium SMOOTH Equine Earplugs are designed to allow your horse and pony to hear normal tones, while greatly reducing distracting...
EcoPure Stud Hole Stoppers
Easy-to-use all natural rubber plugs to keep stud holes clean when not in use.Safe for Your Horse & Mother Nature Compared to Standard Rubber Stud Plugs: · Better Strength and Abrasion ResistanceEnvironmentally Friendly - Engineered with Materials that pass REACH’s...
Ovation Europa Sheepskin Ear Plugs
Plush premium sheepskin is used to make the Europa™ Sheepskin Ear Plugs. Genuine sheepskin earplugs are hypoallergenic, comfortable, and muffle background noise so the horse can focus on its job. Sold in a pack of 3 so even if one...
Equiessential Stud Kit with Plastic Case
Stud kit includes: T-tap, stud hole cleaner, hoof cleaner, 8 grass studs (400913), 8 road studs (400906), 8 set screws, 1 hexagon key, and 10 rubber stud hole plugs.
Nunn FinerEasiest Plugs Yet
Nunn Finer Easiest Plugs Yet - the best rubber plug on the market. A small hole in the center allows you to use the included horseshoe nail for easy removal. Available in bags of 20Colors: AssortedBag Sizes: 20 $11.00
Nunn Finer Cotton Plugs
hese 100% knitted cotton stud hole plugs are lubricated with nontoxic rust preventative! Use them to keep stud holes filled and clean when studs are removedColor: WhiteSize: Bag of 100
Nunn Finer Easiest Stud Brush Yet
The Nunn Finer® Easiest Stud Cleaner Yet - the little tool that makes cleaning your stud holes a breeze!
Nunn Finer Easiest Stud Yet #J 10 Pk
J) Hexagonal Bullet: Good to slick conditions (hind) as a pair or on the inside with a semi-spike outside, or in wet conditions as a pair (front).  
Nunn Finer Stud Suds
Stud Suds is a quick, convenient way to clean and lubricate studs immediately after use! This easy to use container allows you to drop your studs in, close, and shake. The cleaner then settles to the bottom through a drain,...
Nunn Finer Magnetic Stud Dish
Tired of loosing your horseshoe studs while you're putting them in or taking them out of your horse's shoes? Our magnetic stud dish will hold them in place until you are ready to use them even if it tips over!...
Nunn Finer Easiest Stud Yet #R 10 Pk
These Nunn Finer® Easiest Studs Yet now including a self starting channel that clean out stud holes as they are screwed in. Makes putting in studs so much easier with the new self starting channel! Made of High Quality Steel. R)...
EquiFit SilentFit EarPlugs
This product may ship directly from the manufacturer. Not your average ear plugs. A unique anatomical design & patented antimicrobial lining ensure our ear plugs are as comfortable as they are functional. SilentFit EarPlugs are designed to fit comfortably in...
Nunn Finer The Safety Spin Tap
Have you ever had your horse try to step down with your tee tap in the stud hole? Hopefully, you've never had to experience the consequences. This special short tap reduces the chance of this happening while providing superb grip...
Equi-Essentials Stud Hole and Hoof Cleaner
Wooden handle with wire brush on one end and pointed metal pick on the other. Perfect for cleaning out dirt-packed stud taps.
LeMieux Stud Plugz
The newest and best rubber plug on the market. A small hole in the centre allows you to use a horseshoe nail for easy removal.
LeMieux Stud Tap
This high quality Safety Tap has a specially designed handle to give maximum grip and comfort in both wet and dry conditions. This eliminates cross threading and refurbishes damaged threads and leaves a clean threaded stud hole. A great asset...
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