Tech Stirrups

With a goal to honor the equestrian field by creating the best stirrups in the industry, Tech Stirrups focuses solely on the manufacture of stirrups and related accessories. As a part of GM Production Srl, which is based out of Milan, Italy, the company maintains the same high standards for its stirrups as does the automobile industry. In fact, GM Production Srl extends it even further my developing and manufacturing goods for the fields of mechanics, sports and design.

At Tech Stirrups, the overriding philosophy is to maintain the entire manufacturing process inside of its facilities. In this way, the company can ensure maximum quality by continuously testing its products. In addition, while the company is committed to producing the best stirrups on the market with a variety of different technical and aesthetic features, Tech Stirrups is also committed to the environment. As such, the company’s stirrups are produced completely in metal so as not to pollute the environment.

Tech Stirrups offers a variety of different stirrup designs meant to meet the needs of any rider and his or her discipline. These include jumping and cross-country stirrups, dressage stirrups, pony stirrups, hunting stirrups, endurance stirrups and racing stirrups. Spurs, spare parts and other stirrup accessories are also available.