A small, grassroots company founded in 2004, ThinLine Global consists of a team of just five people. Started when founder Elaine Lockhead Castelao recognized the need for tack that could better enhance performance while also reducing discomfort for horses and riders. After meeting an engineer who was developing thin shock-absorbing material to help to better protect athletes, she knew she had the answer.

With its unique, open-cell technology, ThinLine is able to distribute shock, heat and weight laterally along the pad without compressing. This results in 95 percent shock absorption. With the material being 100 percent breathable, heat and moisture do not get trapped between the horse and the tack. In addition, it does not compress or slip, which helps to reduce the pressure points that are typically associated with the saddle movement.

ThinLine Global offers two variations on the ThinLine technology. ThinLine is thinner at just 3/16 of an inch, while the ThinLine+ is 1/4 of an inch in thickness and offers a higher level of protection. ThinLine+ is better suited for those who do not ride with a whisper seat or for use with horses with sore backs. Available products from this company include a variety of saddle pads and comfort pads as well as horse tack.