Shires Slow Hay Feeder Net
2" hole size greatly reduces the amount of wastage on the stable floor. Longer forage time means less opportunity for boredom and inactivity. Mesh size: 2" Hole Small: 30" (76cm) long, capacity: 9 lbs Medium: 39" (99cm) long, capacity: 14lbs Large:...
Sleazy Sleepwear Lycra Stretch Hood
This is the original horse pajamas now with larger Eye Holes!! The Seamless Face design eliminates any seams below the eyes for maximum safety. So versatile, this mane tamer makes a wonderful liner to use under heavy winter blankets and...
Miller Dura-Tote Grooming Box
The Miller DuraTote Box is a mainstay in almost every barn thanks to its impact resistant plastic, roomy compartments, and variety of colors. The Little Giant DuraTote from Miller has 4 compartments and a groove underneath that lets you set...
Cashel Flat Braid Mule Tape Halters
This full-size Flat Braid Mule Tape Halter has a wide, flat noseband and comes with a 9' lead.
E3 Brightening Shampoo
E3 Brightening Shampoo is made to let your horse shine! Designed to brighten coats and enhance their natural tones, this nano-technology infused formula helps remove dirt, grime, green and yellow spots, and more to product a show-ready sheen. Can be...
Hamilton Lunge Line with Snap
Hamilton Lunge Line 26' with snap is 1 x 26; 26 ft. long, 1 inch single thick nylon with snap hand -selected materials are stitched and box stitched, ensuring customer products that have a long, dependable life.
Professionals Choice Lycra Tail Braid
Keep your horse's tail clean and smooth in this braid in style lycra tail bag. Designed with a larger bottom and extra stretchy material to accommodate big show tails.
Roma Deluxe Rubber Grip Hoof Pick
Sturdy hoof pick to get the job done, plus the handle is easy on your hand.
Roma Brights Mane and Tail Brush
The Roma Soft Touch Mane and Tail Brush is an excellent addition to your existing grooming equipment. The brush itself is ideal for detangling manes and tails. Unlike other brushes that can be harsh to your skin and hurt after...
Clip Braiding Comb
This dual-purpose comb features a spring-loaded clip which allows you to effortlessly keep hair out the way while keeping it within easy grabbing distance. When tangles or knots become a problem, simply release the clip and use the convenient, wide-toothed...
Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat
Ultimate coat finish; Produces the ultimate high gloss, non-greasy finishOutshine the competition with Dreamcoat, the ultimate high gloss finish. The unique non-slip formula highlights muscle definition and can be used on the saddle patch, leaving no grease or residue. Spray...
Wrap It Up
ASI Wrap-It-Up bandages can be used on livestock, horses, dogs, and other animals that need a self-sticking flexible bandage, Economical cohesive flexible bandage. 4 inch wide x 5 yards (stretched). Features a stretchy and flexible material that works great as...
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