Toklat Originals

Named after a location within Denali National Park in Alaska as well as a river that runs through it, Toklat Originals has been under the ownership of its current owner since 1976. At this time, Jim Mreen purchased the company, which was only selling CoolBack products at the time. The company soon added on WoolBack product before significantly expanding its line to include company originals such as SuperQuilt, Medallion and Premium Southwest. What began as only a couple of vans filled with products soon grew into a massive warehouse from which products were being both manufactured and distributed.

By consulting with leading horse experts and product designer in the industry, Toklat Originals is able to create and manufacture products that are ideally suited for those who love to ride horses. In addition, many of the company’s products have been tested and endorsed by top horsemen and women in both the English and Western communities, meaning you can rest assured they are high-quality products that will meet your personal needs.

Comprised of a staff that is passionate about everything horse-related, Toklat Originals saddle pads, bits, spurs, irons, girths, cinches and more to help make your riding experience more enjoyable and comfortable for both you and your horse.