Tory Leather

Founded in 1976, Tory Leather is a leather equine goods manufacturing company based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. With all products benchcrafted and made completely in the United States, the company offers a variety of products for horse riders and their horses to enjoy.

Tory Leather is committed to using only the highest quality pieces of leather from reputable tanneries for all of its products. While the company does occasionally obtain its leather elsewhere, most of its products are made from leather that was obtained from Wickett and Craig of America. The company is located within two hours of Williamsport in the town of Curwensville, Pennsylvania. Wicket and Craig of America was awarded the 2015 Tannery of the Year award and was featured in the August/September 2015 issue of World Leather.

Tory Leather is proud to have a long-standing relationship with Wicket and Craig of America that is built on mutual interests and respect. Products manufactured by the company include a wide range of tack products, such as headstalls, rein sets, bridles, curb straps, breast straps, nosebands, show straps, halters and more. The company also manufactures personal leather accessories such as wallets, handbags, totes, belts, bracelets and key fobs. Whether in need of leather products for yourself or your horse, this US-based company has you covered!