Total Impact Wear

Incorporated in 2016 and based in Portland, Oregon, Total Impact Wear offers a full line of apparel that is geared toward those who live by the saying that “nothing’s impossible”. More than just an expression, “nothing’s impossible” is a way of life for those who gravitate toward the product designs available from this innovative company.

Offering one-of-a-kind, high-quality products that have been crafted to perfection, Total Impact Wear strives to recognize and salute those who travel the road less traveled and “Dare to Ride”. As such, the company offers clothing items that are geared to specific high-adrenaline areas of interests. These include motorsport, aviation and, of course, Western wear.

 When you shop through the Total Impact Wear line of products, you will find a variety of tees featuring high-energy, adrenaline-filled graphics. Imagery within the Western line of projects primarily consist of references to bull riding, ranging from traditional bull riding imagery to images that combine bull riding with other high-adrenaline activities such as aviation. All of the graphic tees include imagery on both the front and back side of the shirt, creating a well-rounded look for those who wish to express themselves about their interests. Long-sleeved varieties of shirts are also available through the company.

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