Total Saddle Fit

Founded in 2013 by a professional saddle fitter who was looking for a solution to common saddle problems, Total Saddle Fit was birthed out of necessity. Company founder Justin Baghai worked as a saddle fitter, but kept encountering the same problem: no matter how perfectly the saddle fit on the horse, it would still slide forward over time. He soon realized that he needed to develop a physics-defying solution to resolve this issue.

Upon close examination, Justin realized that the billets and girth were angling forward in such a way that it was pulling the saddle into the shoulders of the horse. After a great deal of experimentation, the Shoulder Relief Girth was born. The innovative design actually straightens out the saddle’s billet line, thereby preventing it from being pulled forward and into the horse’s shoulders. Shortly after, the company went on to create a saddle pad designed to replicate a flocking adjustment, thereby giving people without the ability to get regular saddle work the option to still keep their horse and their seat balance in safe equilibrium. This product came to be known as the Six Point Saddle Pad.

Today, Total Saddle Fit continues to research, develop and innovate. Other products include the Western Shoulder Relief Cinch and girths and cinches featuring interchangeable liner systems. This allows one girth body to be used with a variety of different liner materials, such as leather, limestone neoprene, 100 percent wool fleece and 100 percent wool felt.