Twisted X Boots

A company with an eco-conscious mind, Twisted X Boots as founded in 2005 with the goal of creating comfortable, handcrafted footwear. While the company originally started with focusing on making western boot styles, it has since expanded to offer an extensive range of styles for casual wear as well as for work and outdoor recreation.

In addition to offering a wide variety of boots and shoes, Twisted X is committed to doing its part to save the planet. To achieve this missing, the company creates products from recycled plastic, natural resources and agricultural waste. At the same time, the company does its part to assist with reforestation of troubled tree population areas within the United States. By partnering with One Tree Planted, the company plants one tree in the United States for every pair of shoes that is purchased from its ecoTWX collection. So far, the company has planted more than 200,000 trees, which has restored 4,000 acres of forest in the United States.

Twisted X boots and shoes are available for men, women, kids and even infants. Materials used to make shoes available through the company include the renewable and biodegradable fibers sheered from Merino Sheep. This wool is soft and odor resistant and is capable of naturally balancing body temperature while also wicking away sweat