The history of Waldenhausen dates back to May 17, 1836 when 26-year-old Anton Waldenhausen publicly announced his plans to open a saddlery in the city of Cologne. From this point forward, Anton’s goal was to create a product of excellent quality while offering the best possible price-performance ratio. To achieve this goal, he set up a specialty shop and went on to supply premium saddles and tacks to nobility all over Europe.

It didn’t take long for Waldhausen saddles to become famous for their exceptional quality. When his son, Henri, joined the family business, the offerings grew to include other leather equipment as well as luggage. By 1895 and after Anton’s grandchildren, Toni and Hans, joined the company, it had grown even further to include a manufactory in Cologne. This made the company the largest saddlery and leather retail outlet in Germany.

Since those early days, Waldhausen has continued to grow and to expand. The company is a distributor of a number of famous brands, including brands that it has developed itself. With more than 12,000 products available in 70 countries worldwide, it is a company with a trusted name and reputation in virtually anything that is needed for the horse as well as for the rider.