Wyoming Traders

Specializing in ranch wear for the working cowboy, Wyoming Traders has been in the wholesale business for more than 25 years. Originally started as a seller of silk wild rags, the company has expanded over the years to offer a variety of different products. Today, the company continues with its original goal: to provide its customers with a product that is quality made while maintaining low, affordable prices.

At Wyoming Traders, every product is produced with the best materials and workmanship available. To ensure the products meet the company’s level of standards, each item must pass through at least two inspectors before it is packaged for sale. In addition, the company stands behind the quality of its products, allowing its customers to return products for immediate replacement, refund or credit if it is found to be defective in any way.

Wyoming Traders offers a wide range of products that are perfect for the horse lover. These include silk wild rags as well as western apparel. The company is even willing and able to produce custom silk scarf orders. Simply provide the style, size, weight, design and type of silk scarf that you desire and the company will design the scarf for you. If you aren’t quite sure what you want, the company also has artists available who can provide art work for you if needed.