LeMieux Horse Toy Sausage Dog
Banish boredom in the stable with this cute little 3D sausage dog horse toy. Designed with a durable suede outer and rope legs for your horse to pull and play with, to keep them entertained all day. Our horse toys...
LeMieux Toy Pony Western Pad
Our traditional western-style Toy Pony Western Pad is a must-have accessory for your Mini LeMieux Toy Pony. Made from woven cotton fabric with a bold pattern, it adds a stylish look to your Toy Pony's saddle. Choose from chilli red...
LeMieux Toy Pony Western Bridle
Encourage mini horse fans to learn how to tack up with the Toy Pony Western Bridle from LeMieux. This western-style leather bridle features a decorative browband, split rein and shank bit that looks just like the real thing – only...
LeMieux Toy Pony Western Saddle
This authentic miniature western saddle comes with a cantle, pommel and horn that looks like a regular-sized version – only it's made mini for Mini LeMieux Toy Ponies. It features a fender and stirrup made from luxurious leather with faux...
Breyer Gilded
2024 Spring Decorator In the early 1960s, Breyer released its first “decorator” models – horses that featured colorful, decorative finishes in both matte and glossy. Although they weren’t the most popular models at that time, decorators have since become some...
Breyer Horse Paint & Play
Stablemates painting is a long time favorite activity of Breyer fans of all ages. The horse paint and play series features four different base-coated models - ready to paint. Each is sold individually and comes on a blister card, complete...
Breyer Horse Crazy Surprise Bi-lingual Series
Blind bags are a favorite with Breyer fans! And new ones are especially fun! Each blind bag contains a miniature horse beauty at the smallest scale of 1:64! There are 5 different breeds, including: Hanoverian, Arabian Cross, Ardennes, Dutch Warmblood,...
Breyer Neptune
Neptune | Unicorn Stallion During late nights on the shoreline, one might be lucky enough to spot Neptune, a legend of the seas. Unicorns have dazzled humans for centuries with their elusive appearances and enchanting nature, and Neptune is no...
Breyer Elements Series Collection
Elements Series Collection  New for 2024 Introducing our new Element Series! This collection features magnificent Freedom Series decorator horses reflecting the five elements: earth, water, fire, metal, and wood . Each model breed represents their respective element attributes through beautiful...
Breyer 2024 Hope Horses Love & Hope
Love & Hope The 2024 Hope Horses Breyer’s mission of Hope continues with the introduction of Love, our brightly-colored unicorn mare, and her equally brilliant unicorn foal, Hope. Together they represent the heartfelt love a mother has for her child...
Breyer Brush Box Jump
Brush Box Jump New for 2024 Our brush box jump has been given a makeover! This charming turquoise and white wooden jump includes 2 standards, 3 brush boxes, and 2 adjustable poles. All you need to do is add flowers...
Breyer Atlanta
Atlanta Standardbred Racehorse Champion The year was 2018, and the scene was the Hambletonian – one of harness racing’s biggest events. A race for three-year-old trotters, Standardbred mare Atlanta became the first filly in 22 years (and only the 14th in...
Breyer Hytyme Legend
Hytyme Legend Kentucky Horse Park Mounted Police Horse When your duties include patrolling over 1,200 acres of the horse capital of the world, of course you do it from horseback! The Kentucky Horse Park’s Mounted Police team does everything from...
Breyer The Ideal Series - Orren Mixer
The Ideal Series | Pony of the Americas he Ideal Series pays homage to the stunning artwork of renowned equine artist Orren Mixer (1920-2008) and his most popular subjects – horses! Each hand-painted piece in this series was inspired by...
Breyer Carltonlima Emma
Carltonlima Emma The Queen's Pony Born and raised on the Cumbrian fells in England, Carltonlima Emma displays the steadfast demeanor and sure-footedness the Fell Pony is known for. The trusted mount and companion of HM Queen Elizabeth II for over...
Breyer Full Moon Rising
A wildly-colored Thoroughbred, Full Moon Rising began life as a racehorse. Retired sound after his second season on the track, his trainer sought a meaningful second career for him. At that same time, Marsha Hartford-Sapp was looking for a horse...
Breyer Cody's Wish
There’s nothing more powerful than when a wish comes true – and Thoroughbred racehorse Cody’s Wish is a living embodiment of dreams fulfilled. Not only has this bay stallion by Curlin proven himself as a consistent winner on the track,...
Breyer Norwich Hackney Pony
Hackney Pony Sleek and sophisticated, the Hackney Pony was once considered the pinnacle of driving fashion. Bred to be light carriage ponies with a natural high-stepping trot, they not only looked flashy, but also covered distances quickly thanks to their...
Breyer Cheryl White & Rider, Horse, and Book Set
America's First Black Female Jockey The Jockey and Her Horse is a fictional novel inspired by the amazing true story of Cheryl White, who was only seventeen years old when she became the first Black female jockey in America. Cheryl’s...
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