Finding the best fit for you and your horse with a Society of Master Saddlers trained fitter.

Tracie O'Brien, owner of Tack Room Too, and a SMS trained saddle, bridle, and bit fitter.

  • Do you think your tack might be impairing your horse?
  • Are you curious if your current saddle is a good fit for you and your horse?
  • Perhaps your horse is growing or changing in their strength and balance and you’re worried if your saddle still fits.
  • Need help evaluating different bits for you and your horse’s needs?
  • Need help finding a new saddle with the plethora of brands currently on the market?

Tack Room Too's owner, Tracie, is a trained independent saddle, bridle, and bit fitter. We will work with you and your horse to find the best fit possible.  We can work out of your facility or ours at Keev Farm in Olympia. Basic static fittings with Tack Room Too staff can be done at our store location (no mounting your horse) for free. Tack Room Too has access to several brands of saddles, bridles and bits or we can consult on your tack purchased through private brand representatives. Let us know how Tack Room Too can help you and your horse!

Email today to schedule your full service bridle, bit, or saddle fitting. Call us at (360) 357-4268 to schedule your static saddle fitting at the store location.

Meet Tack Room Too Owner, Tracie O’Brien

Outstanding service at your farm or ours

Hi, South Puget Sound horse community! Tack Room Too wants to serve you with quality saddle, bridle and bit fitting. Tracie has been in multiple facets of the equestrian industry for over 30 years as a rider, trainer, horse owner, and instructor. Tracie and her husband, Tim, also own Tack Room Too and Premium Quality Hay & Feed. Tracie also operates a small riding school focused on youth horsemanship and foundational training, and introducing students to the equestrian life, sports, and events. As a former wildlife biologist with an M.S. in the biological sciences, Tracie continues to merge her biological career with her love of horses, her infatuation with their anatomy and movement, and her desire to keep them healthy with the best fit of their tack and equipment.

Tracie is a member of the Society of Master Saddlers LTD in the UK, a trainee in their 3-year technical program for saddle fitters, and a student at the North American Saddle School where she has attended saddle and bridle fitting courses. In her endeavor to stay current in the biological sciences, learn new technologies, and stay relevant, she continually attends professional development courses in equine anatomy, biodynamics, lorinary science, English leather tack repair, and other saddle, bridle, and bit fit subjects.

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What's involved with a fitting appointment?

A full-service fitting appointment will include observing, palpating, and massaging your horse to get an idea of your horse’s unique features, sensitivities, and skeletal and musculature build (appropriate to what tack we are fitting for). It is also helpful to watch your horse move in-hand without tack and then again while riding in current tack. Reevaluating your horse’s body after some exercise can also give us critical saddle fitting details. Then it’s time to get measurements if needed, a back template if needed for a custom saddle builder, and fit new tack if that is something you are interested in. So that we can be prepared and best meet your goals, we will discuss what you want to get out of a full-service fitting appointment several days before the appointment. 

Email today to schedule your full service bridle, bit, or saddle fitting.

Fitting Appointments Price
Saddle Fitting Appointment $150
Bridle Fitting Appointment $50 or $25 added to saddle fit
Bit Fitting Appointment $50 or $25 added to saddle fit
Bridle & Bit Fitting Appointment $75
Static Saddle, Bridle or Bit Fit with Tack Room Too Staff at store FREE


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