Bates Artiste Dressage Saddle

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Be as one! the secret to ignite your dressage performance. Discover the artistry in bold innovations that are surprisingly about the subtlety in riding. A position so natural and a connection so sensitive the saddle all but disappears and your performance is amplified. Discover... the Bates Artiste. 


Dressage is all consuming... it is for those who have the resolve, the discipline and understand the sacrifices. It’s for those riders who dare to dance, to find a soulmate and forge a vision. A vision they will track and step towards over a lifetime, discovering their shared potential. Horse and rider embrace equal power and lightness, expression and precision, restraint, and emotion. Often compared to ballet, dressage is supremely technical and requires strength and flexibility. Each horse and rider need to perform in perfect harmony. Discover the artistry in bold innovations that are surprisingly about the subtlety in riding. Through a position so natural and a connection so sensitive the saddle all but the Bates Artiste.

The Artiste Seat is a revelation; your balance is effortless:
  • The SweetSpot in the seat guides the rider to neutral, where they feel their pelvic bones squarely and contact is closest. This allows for a longer leg, perfect alignment, and support for their upper body balance.
  • Allows the rider to sit "deeper" and "in" the seat.
  • Ultra-narrow, so that the rider's leg drops immediately on to the horse, which profoundly impacts lower leg contact and stability.
  • Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar further ensures that maintaining perfect balance and strength is effortless, as the saddle is customized specifically to the rider's individual ridden alignment. 

Unrestricting support in the FlexiContourbloc:

  • The FlexiContourbloc may look unconventional, but it behaves entirely differently in the Artiste. Bates perfected unprecedented support for stabilizing the rider's leg and eliminating any lift, with a contour that flows through the full length of the bloc. It is the quiet interaction of the FlexiContourbloc in riding that is like no other and must be ridden in to experience its power.
  • Positioned high on the saddle, it channels the rider's leg seamlessly on to the horse, for a longer and aligned leg. This eliminates tipping and frees the rider's lower leg and knee.
  • Each rider can position and angle the FlexiContourbloc for optimal support, enabling space to ride up to and melt into the soft cushioning of the FlexiContourbloc.
  • The ultimate tool to achieve expression and is key to achieving an independent seat.
The Synergy Panel is simply the ultimate for freeing the horse to perform to his full potential:
  • Simply the most shock absorbent and protective panel for the horse's comfort and full range of movement.
  • A low-profile panel in dressage is revolutionary. This panel achieves a quick transition for the rider on to their horse seamlessly for unprecedented connection.
The Monoflap design enables the saddle to "disappear":
  • Allows rider to feel their horse, as never before and with the unique shaping of the saddle flap, allows their aids to transmit to the horse cleanly and directly.
  • Attention to detail and thoughtful design is visible in the streamlined girth points and unique attachment that removes any bulk or lumps from under the rider's leg.
  • Molding of the skirt is locked down.
  • D-Ring can be angled when used for attaching a steady grip to allow the steady grip to lie seamlessly flat.