Cashel Western Saddle Long Foam Tush Cushion

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The careful engineering of the Cashel Long Western Tush Cushion puts relief where you need it!  This shock-absorbing cushion allows you to ride your horse comfortably for hours on end! Ahh, no more saddle sores! If your saddle's seat is slick, smooth leather, this seat cover will also offer you the added benefit of security in the saddle. Plus, it's low profile works well under a sheepskin cover for extra shock absorption.

  • Cashel Closed Cell Foam Technology
  • Comfortable, Removable and Washable Cover
  • Ultra Adjustable - Will Fit Many Saddles
  • No Bunching, Sliding or Slipping
  • Long Style Offers Maximum Coverage and Comfort
  • Works Well Under a Sheepskin Cover for Extra Shock Absorption