Neue Schule Turtle Top Loose Ring Snaffle

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The Neue Schule Turtle Top™ Flex™ Loose Ring Bradoon has a 16mm double-jointed Salox® Gold mouth and 55mm stainless steel rings. This loose ring bit has Neue Schule’s uncomplicated tried-and-trusted cheek. No matter what the rein tension, the mouthpiece alignment to the horse’s mouth remains unchanged.

This bit features the NS Turtle Top mouth design, which offers enhanced bit stability through optimized alignment of the mouthpiece surfaces to the horse’s tongue and palate. Combined with the NS Flex design, it can help achieve a comfortable and quiet mouth. The mouthpiece stays centered and arched over the tongue at all times and helps prevent sideways tongue evasions.

The flattened underside of the FlexZ cannons, with their anatomy-inspired recesses, are held parallel to the tongue. The NS Flex design is perfectly suited to the overactive, busy mouth that chomps and chews on the bit. Comfortable for the horse, Flex puts the focus of the inattentive mouth back onto the rein aids to achieve a soft consistent contact.

Salox® Gold is a high copper alloy specifically formulated to rapidly reach and maintain temperature.