Mare Magic Probio Blend Powder

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Probio Blend by Mare Magic is formulated to help horses utilize and absorb more nutrients from their daily ration (hay, grain, etc). In most cases you can reduce or eliminate the amount of "grain based feed" and still maintain the same energy (stamina) and body condition score. Reducing "grain based feed" keeps the digestive system healthier and reduces chances of colic, intestinal upset and ulcers.

Product Details:

  • Contains microbes and enzymes that are naturally found in the horse's digestive system and are compatible with the horses natural micro-organisms
  • A horse's intestines are susceptible to stress from parasites, over feeding grains, travel, training, boarding, etc.
  • When fed daily, and extra amounts during stressful situations, it will help maintain a healthy balance in the digestive system
  • Helps maintain a correct pH and replenishes the micro-organisms & mucous lining that are shed from the intestine during stress
  • 12.7 oz package provides one horse up to a 60 day supply.