Rambo Flybuster with No-Fly Zone Fly Sheet (No Fill)

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The Rambo® Fly Buster with No-Fly Zone™ offers the most powerful and long lasting defense against flies. Made from unique, patented and durable fabric. This rug offers full UV protection and is designed to last many seasons. Features of this rug include supersized tail flap, extended belly flap, V-Front closure, improved hood shape.


Treated with No-Fly Zone™ technology - Exclusive to Horseware® Ireland

Horseware Ireland’s innovative No-Fly Zone™ Technology involves the rugs being treated with an effective and powerful anti-insect technology. This does not stop insects from initially landing on the rug, but, once they have landed, the No-Fly Zone™ Technology will take effect and they will not return. Any flies which do happen to land on the rug do not stay long enough to bite. In this way, No-Fly Zone™ is a broad-spectrum anti-insect treatment. It is kind to your horse’s skin so will not adversely affect your horse or their coat. It’s also incredibly durable, lasting on the rug for up to 25 washes. 


Made from unique patented, durable self-repairing fabric that is super soft, comfortable whilst offering UV protection. Built to last for many seasons.


  • New hood shape. Close contact hood with improved fit and extended chest coverage. Offering maximum protection against flies and insects.
  • Supersized tail flap, dual leg arches and belly protection with three straight surcingles.
  • V-front closure to give freedom of movement to graze.
  • Shoulder and mane lining.
  • Liner compatible.
  • 65% UV protection.