Toklat T3 Tech Quilt Sport Pad with Non-Slip Lining

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Our new TechQuilt pads have breathable non-slip mesh under the saddle and anti-friction ETCunder the leg to keep your saddle in place so you can focus on the ride. Choose the Stay Drylining for the best in moisture management; or choose the Non-Slip lining to keep the saddle in place. All styles have high profile for maximum wither clearance, and are made with durable yet lightweight materials.

TechQuilt Sport

Designed for the rigors of jumping and cross country, the TechQuilt Sport fits a wide range of saddles. With a quilted, breathable non-slip on top and choice of Stay Dryor Non-Slip lining, this pad will keep the saddle securely in place. Hook-and-loop girth strap accommodates different girth locations.

24š¬ x 43š¬

Machine washable, line dry. Made in USA.