Weaver Mohair Blend Straight Cinch

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This mohair and wool blend cinch is breathable, stays cool, and doesn't slip, all of which helps prevent soring and galling on your horse or mule. Made with 27 strands of all-natural cording, this cinch features stainless steel hardware on both buckles and the breastcollar/flank set dees. The golden brown harness leather off-billet holder is removable using hook and loop closures if you prefer to use a latigo on the off side.

Most notable is the new and improved Roll Snug Cinch Buckle, which makes the Smart Cinch smarter than ever! The innovative, patented roller buckle system is narrower, having less play so your latigo rolls more smoothly and straighter than ever. A contoured lip keeps your latigo securely positioned, while the buckle helps guide you for a straight pull every time. Its modern, sleek design also features a shaped buckle tongue with a hooked tip that helps keep your latigo locked down in place for added security.

Handcrafted in the USA!