Founded with the goal to manufacture products that are designed to make your ride safer, more convenient and affordable, Cashel continues to abide by that mission to this very day. Offering a wide variety of products and affordable prices, the company makes it possible for virtually all riders of any skill level and financial status to enjoy horse riding to its absolute fullest.

When shopping with Cashel, you will find products ranging everywhere from saddles to cinches. Saddles available from the company include trail saddles, Western saddles, soft saddles and even saddles for kids. Saddle pads, including foam and felt pads as well as performance pads are also available, as are saddle bags designed to serve a variety of purposes. These include saddle bags to hold cell phones and bottles as well as those with insulated inserts.

In addition to saddles and saddle accessories, Cashel also offers items that are specifically designed to provide your horse with extra comfort and protection. Fly protection, such as fly masks and fly sheets, are available along with bit guards, horse helmets and ear plugs. The company also carries a number of therapy items, such as bandages and hock socks. Of course, you will also find plenty of halters, cinches, lead ropes, headstalls, stirrups and other items available with Cashel.