Known for providing the number one trusted hoof boots in the industry, Cavallo specializes in both hoof boots and saddle pads. Designed to provide all-terrain protection for horse hooves, the hoof boots offered by this company are 100 percent guaranteed to allow you and your horse to ride securely at any speed and through any terrain.

Easy to fit, easy to size and easy to use, the hoof boots created by Cavallo can be used for riding as well as for injury rehabilitation, therapy, protection during transportation and any other reason for which hoof boots may be needed. With a variety of different hoof boots available, you are sure to find the one to suit your specific needs. Some of the options include the Trek Hoof Boot, Simple Hoof Boot, Sport Hoof Boot, Entry-Level Hoof Boot, Big Foot Hoof Boot and the CLB Mini Hoof Boot. Each option offers unique features to make the hoof boot suitable for its unique purposes.

In addition to hoof boots, Cavallo also specializes in manufacturing saddle pads to further assist with providing you and your horse with a comfortable ride. Options include both English and Western saddle pads, all of which are designed to correct bridging problems while improving issues with low or high withered horses.