Classic Equine Legacy2 Support Boots- Solid Colors
Made of 100% virgin perforated neoprene that allows the leg to breathe and heat to escape so your horse's legs stay cooler. A round cut box stitched hook-and-loop attachment with an aggressive closure makes the Legacy more secure. A shock...
Classic Equine Dy-No Turn DL Bell Boots- New Prints
Unique individual design give your horse protection and style. Water repellant and stain resistant DynoHyde covering, dense shock absorbing center and soft jersey lining.  Reinforced double hook-and-loop strap closures and a contoured fit keep the boots securely in place ....
Classic Equine Bucket Strap
Made of nylon webbing with aluminum snap and holds up to 150 lbs. Makes hanging buckets and other items a snap.
Classic Equine No Turn XT Kevlar Bell Boots
Perfect for hardworking sports the Classic Equine No Turn XT Bell Boot with Kevlar is durable with a non-rip vinyl cover for long life. Back panel is covered with a bulletproof material for added protection and durability and shock absorbing...
Classic Equine Alpaca Roper Cinch
100% Alpaca - one of the worlds rarest natural fibers. Softer than cashmere, yet extremely strong and resilient. The elasticity of Alpaca is comfortable to your horse and has natural give as he moves. Stainless steel hardware with one roller...
Classic Equine Biofit Felt Correction Pad
The BioFit Correction Pad is specifically designed to support horses with muscle atrophy behind the shoulder blade. It supports the front of the saddle from collapsing in the area behind the shoulder as a result of muscle loss, ill saddle...
Classic Equine Flexion Dy-No Turn Bell Boot
Keep the lowest parts of your horse's legs safe with the Flexion No Turn Bell Boots, which are made with a dense, shock-absorbing center and a soft jersey lining. The flexion technology on the back panel is UV-, impact- and...
Classic Equine Alpaca Straight Cinch
Made with one of the world's rarest natural fibers, the 100% Alpaca Cinch is softer than cashmere, yet extremely strong and resilient. Elasticity of alpaca is comfortable to your horse and has a natural "give" as it moves. Stainless steel...
Classic Equine Phone Pack
Fits most phones up to iPhone X Touchscreen Compatible Room for Cash, Cards, Keys, and more  The phone pack will keep your phone and necessities with you yet out of your way when riding or doing chores at the barn....
Classic Equine 27 Strand 100% Mohair Cinch
Classic Equine Colored 100% Mohair Cinch is 100% premium mohair fiber that is naturally soft, strong and durable. 27 strand design with nylon center. Made with stainless steel hardware and features a custom roller buckle that makes cinching up an...
Classic Equine 100% Mohair Roper Cinch
One of the few true 100% Mohair cinches on the market. The premier material for cinches, mohair is a natural fiber that is sheared from Angora goats. Favorite Features Naturally soft, very strong, and elastic Allows your horse to naturally...
Classic Equine 100% Mohair Straight Cinch
Classic Equine's classic Mohair straight cinch. One of the few true 100% Mohair cinches on the market. The premier material for cinches, mohair is a natural fiber that is sheared from Angora goats. It is naturally soft, very strong, and...
Classic Equine Mohair & Alpaca Roper Cinch
The cinch has a unique color pattern with a vintage western style and design. It is made with 100% pure blend of Mohair and Alpaca fibers for long lasting softness and comfort. It is naturally strong and durable, yet gives...
Classic Equine Flexion Support Boots
Flexion technology provides the Fetlock Cradle System using individual abrasive resistant cells with impact and wear protection never before seen in equine leg protection. Each Flexion cell can move and stretch individually, creating a flush, secure fit when wrapping the...
Classic Equine Dally Wrap 12 Pack
Premium rubber offers premium performance. precisely cut 1" strips. Easy to use. Long lasting performance.  12 strips per package.
Classic Equine Foam Saddle Shims
Tapered wedge closed cell foam. Use to fill the small gap or space behind the horses shoulder and under the front of the saddle. Shims are recommended to support, adjust for a better fit, or promote a more level fit....
Classic Equine Sensorflex Pad
Designed to be all you need on your horse, the SensorFlex features a heavy, double weaver top layer made from 100% New Zealand Wool making it long lasting, durable,  as well as good looking Accented with oil tan wear leathers,...
Classic Equine Steer Head Dummy
Classic Equine Steer Head Dummy. Learning the basics or tuning up, this roping dummy has a 23" horn span and is made of tough molded plastic. Comes with two prongs for use on a hay bale. 23" Horn Span 2...
Classic Equine Plain Children's Western Spurs
Classic Equine Kid Spur is designed specifically for smaller boots and has a gentle, rounded rowel. Small rowel is great for beginners, kids that are learning proper cues, and horses that like a light touch. Simple Western spur with plain...
Classic Equine 4 Strand Ranch Rope
Ranch Rope XS Lay 35' Foot 3/8" inch diameter Typical to Classic’s four strand construction, this rope is smooth and fast. We selected nylon for its durability and long life. Soft enough for anyone to handle, but tough enough for...
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