Dutton Short Shank Three Piece Smooth Dog Bone w/ Large Loose Ring
This Dutton bit is similar to a standard short shank snaffle, but has an added large loose ring to resemble the weight of a slobber strap.  The three piece dogbone allows more tongue relief, and copper inlay helps soften the...
Dutton Long Cheek swept back Gag w/ Three Piece Dog Bone
This bit is ideal for well broke horses who only need subtle cues from the rider.  Long cheek allows quick pressure and release from the rider and the bit hobble helps to stabilize the shanks.  Three piece dog bone allows more...
Dutton Long Calvary Shank Three Piece Snaffle w/ Small Round Port & Loose Rings
The Dutton Long Calvary Shank is perfect for well broke horses who are less sensitive and need subtle cues from the rider.  Long shank with s shape and a low port allows the rider to give very small cues on...
Dutton Hackamore
For horses and riders who choose to ride bitless, the Dutton Hackamore is a great choice.  The hackamore works on external pressure points to help guide the horse, and the rawhide allows a rider to maintain control when more pressure...
Dutton Twisted Snaffle Short Shank
The Dutton Hinged Twisted Cheek Snaffle has a 6" cheek and a 3/16" twisted wire mouth. Made from stainless steel. This bit allows more feel with less pressure.   Mouthpice: 5" copper inlay Cheek: 6" Twisted wire: 3/16"
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