Fleck Whip

Founded in 1870, Fleck Whip has been making riding crops and whips for equestrian sports for more than 150 years. Located in Schwarzach near Heidelberg, the company and its products has evolved over time to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of equestrians. Once an indispensable aid used with horse-drawn carriages, whips have changed over time to be incorporated into a variety of sports as well as all disciplines of English riding.

At Fleck Whip, products are made to meet the unique needs of equestrians. These include whips designed for showjumping, eventing and dressage. The company’s handmade whips and crops are each created with great attention to detail and pride in workmanship. With the company motto of “You can always make a good thing even better,” the company is continually striving to improve on its products and meet the needs of its clients.

Products available from Fleck Whip include riding crops, jumping bats, dressage whips, lunging, touchier and vaulting whips, drop lash whips, driving whips and Hungarian-style whips and hunting whips, bull whips, fly whisks and snow canes. Regardless of the product, customers can take comfort in knowing that the company has the expertise to fulfill their needs, no matter the function, color, length or grip needed.