LeMieux Grafter Brushing Boots
A fantastic "unbelievable value" hard working boot for everyday use. Highly durable made to withstand daily graft but still soft, lightweight & breathable on the horse’s legs for schooling, competition and turnout. Suitable for use on front & hind legs...
Arena "High Wither" All Purpose Saddle
This product ships directly from the manufacturer.  Shipping calculated at checkout.   Finding a beautiful, quality saddle to suit your high withered horse has never been easier. Designed with this special conformation in mind, you will feel supported through exceptional...
$1,679.00 $1,479.00
Weatherbeeta Prime Dressage Saddle Pad
The Weatherbeeta Prime Dressage Saddle Pad is a durable cotton pad with a wick easy lining to help keep your horse cool, dry and comfortable. It has a breathable mesh spine for extra airflow and a PVC-covered girth patch for...
Weaver Adjustable Chin and Throat Snap Halter
This is the same quality-made, original Weaver halter you've come to know and love! With top quality nylon construction, heat-sealed oblong buckle holes, box-stitching at stress points and true-to-fit-sizing, this will be your go-to halter. This halter features a convenient,...
Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Western Cinch Fleece Lined
What makes this cinch amazing? The patented (US Pat D917109) Shoulder Relief Cinch is the only one of its kind on the market.  It actually changes the angle and placement of the latigo on the horse to prevent the saddle...
Professional's Choice 2XCool Sports Medicine Boots- 4 Pack Patterns
The Professional’s Choice 2XCool Sports Medicine Boot was designed around COOLING, COMFORT, and DURABILITY. This neoprene-free boot is constructed with ultra-lightweight, super-breathable materials that provide the support and 4-way stretch Professional’s Choice boots are known for. The liner of the...
$217.95 $217.95
Weatherbeeta Fleece Prime Polo Wrap
The WeatherBeeta Fleece Bandages come in a pack of 4. They offer extra protection for your horse's legs, comprising of a high quality fleece fabric which contains strong anti-pilling properties. Made from 100% polyester ensuring durability and strength.
RJ Rope Mfg 5/8" Double Braid Poly Lead Rope - 10 foot
Premium quality polypropylene double braided lead rope 5/8" x 10 Ft. Strong Double Braided rope to increase durability and resistance to snags! Ends of rope are heat melted to help improve dependability and performance Standard Brass Snap
Wintec Synthetic Anatomic Girth
This product ships directly from the manufacture  Shipping calculated at checkout. "The Wintec Anatomic Girth is scientifically proven to dramatically improve your horse's comfort and performance. Research has shown that concentrated pressure on a horse™s sternum is not only uncomfortable...
$159.99 $143.99
Weaver Poly Lead Rope 10ft X 5/8" with Brass Snap
This premium polypropylene lead has a soft, broken-in feel you'll love! Features a non-rust solid brass 225 snap. Measures 5/8" x 10'.
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