Incrediwear Equine

The story of Incrediwear Equine dates back to December 2008 when CEO and Founder of the company, Dr. Jackson Corley, was in a near fatal cycling accident. This accident threatened to leave him paralyzed for life unless he came up with a solution. In an effort to find a new way to heal while also keeping himself free from the limitations of inflammation, Jackson developed his innovative Incrediwear technology.

To aid in the healing process, Incrediwear assists with increasing blood circulation while also improving lymphatic flow. Unlike compression products, the new technology does not rely on compression to help with the healing process. Rather, it incorporates semiconductor elements Germanium and Carbon within the fabric. When activated by body heat, these elements release negative ions. In turn, these ions activate molecular vibrations, which increases blood flow and help to speed up lymphatic drainage. By bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, the body’s natural healing process is optimized.

A variety of products are available through Incrediwear Equine. These include circulation exercise bandages, circulation hoof socks, circulation standing wraps, circulation hock boots and circulation neck sleeves. Each product was designed specifically to assist with the healing process of certain parts of the horse’s body.