Martin Saddlery

Made with the highest quality Hermann Oak leather and other high-quality raw materials, Martin Saddlery Saddles are made by talented and passionate craftsmen through a meticulous step-by-step process. With their exclusive Axis saddle trees manufactured in-house from South Dakota white pine wood, each of the company’s saddles are made with undivided attention to the fine details.

Martin Saddlery Saddles approaches the construction of each of its saddles with the goal of providing full, even contact with the horse’s back. With bars that have been carefully spaced to allow for spine relief, each saddle offers a one-of-a-kind flare that works with the contours of the horse’s back while relieving uneven pressure points. Thanks to this attention to detail, both the horse and the rider experience the ultimate in comfort and performance with Martin Saddlery Saddles.

Saddles from Martin Saddlery Saddles are available in one of three rich colors, including natura, chestnut and chocolate. A seemingly endless variety of design options are also available, allowing each saddle to offer a unique look and fit to suit your style. From the hand carved seat to the hand painted detail that goes into each of its products, the company offers saddles and tack designed for the modern rider while maintaining a classic foundation.