Known for its equine supplements that are designed to help horses in a variety of different ways, Nupafeed is dedicated to creating safe and natural products that will not interfere with competition or day-to-day life for your horse. Distributed worldwide, the company’s supplements and dietary aids help to address everything from soothing nervous horses to building energy and stamina in horse athletes.

Those who are interested in using Nupafeed products for horses will find two major types of products from which to choose. These include the magnesium supplement and the L-carnitine supplement. Available in both liquid and paste form, the magnesium helps your horse remain calm while improving focus and relaxation. The L-carnitine, on the other hand, is designed to help your horse improve power, energy and stamina.

If you are involved in horse competition, you will be happy to know that Nupafeed products are entirely legal. All of the ingredients included in the products are not included on any banned substances lists. In addition, the products are manufactured in such a way that makes it more refined and, therefore, easier for your horse’s body to absorb and to complete at a higher rate than other similar supplements. The liquid form and paste form of the supplements also make it easy for you to simply place on top of your horse’s grain, which further helps to increase the absorption rate as compared to pill forms of similar supplements.