The Naughty Equestrian

A combination of a love for all things equestrian as well as a passion for wine led to the development of The Naughty Equestrian. Whether you have a horse or simply love their beauty, this company’s products will allow you to express your passions in a fun and unique way. By putting a little twist on common phrases commonly used by equestrians, the company provides a good laugh along with quality products.

The concept for The Naughty Equestrian was conceived at the Enumclaw Wine and Chocolate Festival in 2019, where founders Chelsie and Bobbie were nurturing their love for wine and horses while enjoying spending time together in the Pacific Northwest. The idea slowly grew into reality, with the mission to give equestrians everywhere a good laugh with high quality wine and beverage products.

Today, The Naughty Equestrian has an extensive line of products from which you can choose. These include tumblers, hats, ear warmers, naughty tees, naughty tank tops, naughty hoodies, naughty totes and, of course, naughty wine accessories. These include wine cups, wine stoppers, tumblers, mugs, mason jar tumblers and even key chains. You can also search for products based on your favorite funny and “naughty” saying.