Tin Haul Boots

With a focus on designing footwear “for those that wear their metal as badges of honor,” Tin Haul Boots takes price in putting an edgy twist on traditional western style. With boots and other apparel that are designed to shake up your wardrobe and help you turn heads everywhere you go, Tin Haul offers quality products with a distinct and fun style that is easy to recognize.

Showcasing traditional western square toes along with easy-wearing walking heals and traditional pull straps, Tin Haul boots are reminiscent of classic roper cowboy boots. At the same time, their products offer something a little different with their unique colors, leather treatments, graphics and story themes. In short, boots from this company are among the flashiest on the market, ensuring you can showcase your unique style and attitude every time you slip on a pair.

Tin Haul Boots take the flare a step further with their unique outsoles. Every pair of boots from this innovative company also feature a unique design right beneath your feet. Look on the underside of the boot and you will be thrilled to see an additional design to further bring your entire look together. While some of the boots tell a story through their graphics, colors and designs, others offer a hodgepodge of fun that demand attention.