Weaver Leather

Founded by Harry A. Weaver in 1973, Weaver Leather is a company that is built on its reputation of high-performing products, exceptional customer service and treating others how they would like to be treated. With a rich history of handcrafting top-quality products, the company started from humble beginnings as the Fryburg Shoe Shop to a worldwide leader in the industry.

Offering a wide range of leather and nylon goods, Weaver Leather continues to grow as it serves the equine, livestock and pet markets as well as the leather supply, tool gear, arborist and custom manufacturing markets. The growth has been so expansive that the company has actually created separate divisions for each of these markets, thereby allowing it to better focus and meet the unique needs of each market’s customers.

The Weaver Leather equine division offers a wide variety of products that are helpful to both the horse and the rider. These items include an extensive tack collection offering bridles, breast collars, nosebands, reins, headstalls and tie downs as well as a collection of saddle pads, cinches, bits and spurs, halters, lead ropes and leg care products such as athletic boots, bell boots, leg wraps, shipping boots, skid boots, splint boots and more.