BugPellent Hanging Bug Repellent Unit

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Hang the BugPellent in a barn, carriage house, shed, deck or patio to repel flies and other insects.


  • No heat or power required
  • Patented vapor release design
  • Natural alternative to whole barn spray systems
  • Made from only natural essential oils and organic waxes
  • Contains no pyrethrins, pyrethrums, pyrethroids or other conventional pesticides
  • BugPellent Refills available separately

    Recommended Use:
  • Use one BugPellent for approximately every 4,000 cubic feet of indoor space, or 1 BugPellent for every 1.5 stalls
  • Hang BugPellent from a beam or other structure centrally located between 7-12 feet high to allow proper air flow (can also be located in or near a stall)
  • For additional coverage place one BugPellent in each entryway at least 6 ft. inside barn to ensure flying insects can escape
  • BugPellent will last 4-8 weeks, depending on temperature and airflow
  • Empty and refill the cylinder when a decrease in odor is observed or flying insect presence increases

    Active Ingredients: Cedar Oil -- 4.82%, Rosemary Oil -- 15.00%, Clove Oil -- 10.00%, Citronella Oil -- 10.00%, Peppermint Oil -- 4.82%, Cinnamon Oil -- 4.82%, Lemongrass Oil -- 3.20%, Geraniol -- 3.20%, Linseed Oil -- 3.20%. Total active ingredients -- 59.06%

    Inert Ingredients: Beeswax, Carnuba wax. Total Inert Ingredients -- 40.94%