Classic Equine Biofit Felt Shim Pad

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Classic Equine BioFit Shim Felt Pad

The close-cell foam shim is wedge-shaped to alleviate saddle fit issues while the contoured design conforms to horse’s shape. 
BIOFIT offers the support and protection you can trust when you need a little extra help to overcome conformation that is hard to fit.  BIOFIT pads utilize a buildup strategically placed behind the scapula to help correct "downhill" saddle fit, evening out saddle pressure and lifting the front of the saddle away from the spine, freeing up the horse’s shoulder and eliminating uneven pressure points.


  • Adjustable correction; slide forward for less, slide back for more
  • Alleviates “downhill” saddle fit due to atrophy or conformation issues at the withers
  • Evens out saddle pressure and eliminates uneven pressure points
  • Closed-cell foam shim is wedge-shaped to alleviate saddle fit issues
  • Orthopedic grade felt to absorb impact
  • 100% virgin wool fleece wicks away moisture and dissipate heat
  • Improves performance and less soreness