Korsteel Eggbutt Pelham

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Pelham bits offer an alternative to the Weymouth (curb) and bradoon used in double bridles. Correctly used, the pelham bit will have two reins, one connected to the main ring which allows you to use the bit as a hanging cheek snaffle, and the other rein attached to the bottom ring which allows you to use the bit as a curb. The Pelham works by applying varying amounts of pressure to different points, making it highly effective without being overly harsh. When the snaffle rein is used, the bit applies pressure to the bars of the mouth, lips and a slight pressure to the poll. When the curb rein is used, increased poll pressure is applied, the pressure on the bars is still constant, but the port may also raise forward into the palate. The Curb chain will also be activated by use of the curb rein providing you with extra control.

The Tom Thumb cheeks are shorter than on a traditional pelham making this a better bit for an inexperienced rider as there is less curb action available.

  • Stainless steel
  • Single jointed mouthpiece
  • Cheek measures 5"
  • Curb chain included