Shires Tubbease Hoof Socks

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Shires Tubbease Hoof Sock is a multipurpose hoof aid that can be used to apply various remedies. It can come in handy in the presence of hoof ailments such as abscesses, thrush, seedy toe, thin sole, injuries, cracks and general deterioration. A thick EVA sole pad helps relieve pain for the horse and extends the life of the multi-purpose the sock. Tubbease is breathable to help stop a damaged hoof from becoming soft during treatment. Each.

 Note: Tubbease should always be secured with the hook-and-loop strap supplied. A bandage is not suitable or adequate to keep it in place.

Dimension is maximum width of hoof that will fit in the Tubbease cup.

Medium-Red (140mm)

Large-Blue (155mm)